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Karen and SharonWe've finally arrived! Welcome to! We hope that we've built a social community site for twins around the world to connect, share, support each other in life, in business and in projects that benefit our unique community!

We are passionate about being twins and about the special relationship that twins share. We are featuring twins in the news, twins who are in business together, a twin clothing lines, twin greeting cards, our unique twin jewelry piece, the twin utube channel and our "Twinpact Your World" donation projects, where we hope to make the world a better place, two projects at a time!

We want to learn more about you as twins, so blog, tweet with us, send in your twin videos and help us grow our community!

Here's a little bit about us. We (Sharon and Karen) both live in Wisconsin and we both work for the same IT consulting company. We both have raised our children and we enjoy outdoor life in Wisconsin, especially activities that involve camping or water recreation. We decided years ago that we would write each other a few greeting cards with funny twin "tag lines" because we were never able to find each other a greeting card written specifically for twins. We wanted to also create a small clothing line with a "twin type" symbol so we created and trademarked a seahorse symbol that felt was symbolic to us--we both love the ocean and we both love horses, so the perfect symbol for us was the seahorse. We saw seahorses at an ocean aquarium who were paired together like twins and we both said "that's it" , and the pair became our symbol!

We finish each other's sentences, we think alike, we sound alike and we even feel each other's pain and emotions, like most twins do. We've grown up together and we can't stand being apart for long, even more that a few days without the need to converse and catch up on each other's lives. Thank goodness our husbands and children are used to us being inseparable!

  • Karen Dickson

    Karen Dickson

    Founder, Twins Life LLC

  • Sharon Borde

    Sharon Borde

    Founder, Twins Life LLC

  • Kathleen

    Kathleen Harnish-McKune

    Kathleen is our older sister, our rock, our guide and someone who has been there for us our entire lives! Along with Anne, she is also our business partner. We are so blessed to have her on the team as well and we all look forward to working together for years to come.

  • Anne Anderson

    Anne Anderson

    Anne is our Web designer and business partner. We met Anne at a trade show and we all instantly connected! If we could be triplets, we would be because we all think so much alike! She is our "Yïng and Yang" and we don't know what we would do without her.

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We're all about Twins and we've been collecting stories about Twins in the Media - Help Us!

Everyone has a story. Our chapter 1 begins with "I'm a twin." It's that unique relationship that has defined the rest of our chapters throughout life-so we want to hear your story! Let's compare notes, share our stories, and connect around the nation to celebrate the bond twins have and the connections we all have with this special relationship.

When you find an article featuring twins or multiples, send us a link so we can include it here!

From Zero to Five

They prayed for babies, and boy, did they get them: Five children in less than a year, providing a crash course in parenthood for a couple who couldn't be happier.

Sarah and Andy Justice of Tulsa, Okla., wanted a family but had trouble conceiving, so they adopted triplets. But soon after, Sarah found out she was pregnant with twins.

Date: March 2014
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

MJ completes starting five as wife gives birth to twins

Michael Jordan has more to be happy about than just the improved play of his NBA franchise.

His wife, Yvette, has given birth to the couple's identical twin daughters, Jordan's spokeswoman Estee Portnoy told The Associated Press.

Portnoy said Tuesday night Yvette Jordan, 35, gave birth to Victoria and Ysabel on Sunday in West Palm Beach, Fla

Date: February 2014
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim to ownership of this article.

Dutch Mulder twins both claim medals in Sochi Olympics 500m speed skating

Netherlands’ domination of speed skating events continues with Michael and Ronald Mulder and Jan Smeekens sweeping men’s 500m at Winter Olympics.

The Dutch dominance of speed skating events at the Sochi winter Olympics continued with a clean sweep of the men’s 500m event - which included the first twins to win medals in the same event since 1984.

Michel Mulder of the Netherlands won the men’s 500 meters Olympic speed skating title by the tightest of margins on Monday, with his twin brother Ronald settling for bronze in another Dutch clean sweep of the medals.

Date: February 2014
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

When preemie twins Brielle and Kyrie Jackson were born,

doctors weren’t sure they’d make it, until a smart nurse placed the girls together in one incubator. The result changed the face of premature infant care.

Date: 1995
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

Sherri Saum: I’m Expecting Twin Boys

Sherri Saum may have wanted to keep the sexes of the twins she’s expecting a secret, but her costar Danny Nucci definitely had other plans!

While speaking to PEOPLE during the Television Critics Association press tour in January, The Fosters star revealed that Saum and her husband Kamar de los Reyes will welcome two baby boys in May.

Date: February 2014
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

Lanny Barnes makes Olympic team when twin gives up spot

It was a little late, but Tracy Barnes found the perfect Christmas gift for her twin sister, Lanny.

A spot on the U.S. Olympic biathlon team.

Going into last weekend's final selection races, Lanny fell ill and was unable to compete in three of the four races, opening the door for Tracy to make the team.

But Tracy declined her nomination, resulting in Lanny being nominated to the team in her place.

Date: January 2014
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

Identical twins share breast cancer, rare surgery

Identical twins Kelly McCarthy and Kristen Maurer have shared a lot in their lives so when one was diagnosed with breast cancer, she urged the other to get tested, too.

"You just do everything together, don't you," the doctor told Maurer before delivering the bad news that she, too, had the disease.

Date: November 2013
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

Nasa's new test subjects: Twin astronauts

NASA will monitor how twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly function with one in space and one on the ground. They hope to learn how gravity and genes interact.

To learn about how genetics and gravity interact, NASA plans to monitor two closely related study subjects: twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.

While Scott is deployed for a year on the International Space Station in 2015 (NASA's first yearlong trip aboard the craft), Mark, a retired astronaut who's married to former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will be grounded. At certain coinciding intervals, NASA will observe the neurological and physiological functioning of the twins, Discovery News reported.

Date: August 2013
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

Long-lost twins turn internet meeting into kickstarter success

Two young women born in South Korea, and raised continents apart, discovered each other on the Internet and suspect they are twins separated at birth.

The girls launched a Kickstarter project to help fund their reunion and record their first in-person meeting and DNA tests in a full-length documentary. Barely two weeks later, the Internet has funded it past the target goal.

Date: April 2013
Originally published on:

Twins Life LLC makes no claim of ownership of this original article.

Original Stories

04 April 2014
Jesse and Amanda Gunther love horses and they love being twins!

As a twin, I am always fascinated with other twins and I am curious about their relationship as twins. I board my horse at an amazing facility in Wisconsin, appropriately named Twin Oaks stable, not just because of the oak trees, but because of the set of twin daughters residing there.

Sharon Borde - Twins Life, LLC.

Jesse and Amanda Gunther love horses and they love being twins! In fact, they've never even been apart longer than about 4 hours, and they told me that they never hope that they are apart for long. The only way that I can tell them apart when they are together is by their hairstyle. Jesse has bangs and Amanda doesn't. Period.That's it. They talk alike, walk alike, laugh alike and they finish each other's sentences. They groom and exercise my horse for me when I'm not at the barn, so I asked them if I could sit down with them for a quick interview and ask them about what it is like being a twin. Of course they answered in unison saying "Sure, that would be cool!".

I interviewed them at their farmhouse, with each sitting on the opposite side of the couch. I was hoping to interview them apart from one another but they really didn't seem very comfortable with that idea. When asked what they liked most about being a twin, Jesse said, " Ï love having someone that is always here for me and I love that we can know exactly what each other is thinking without even really saying anything." Amanda looked at her and said "Yes, me too." As you can already guess, the interview went exactly like that--they said almost the exact same thing about most of the topics. It's a twin thing. Each said that there wasn't anything they would do to change their relationship and that there wasn't anything that they didn't like about being a twin. They did say that sometimes they chose not to dress alike and that when they were younger, they would blame each other for things that they each did in order to get the other one in trouble. They both said that they have played tricks on their teachers in school but that sometimes even the teachers have mixed them up, and have asked them questions that only one of the twins would know. They said it gets confusing to them when this happens, but they said it's pretty funny when others can't tell them apart.

Both adamantly agreed that they would each like to have twins of their own when they grow up and get married, but each of them also said that they wouldn't want to marry a twin. They both love horses, reading, participating in 4-H, playing volleyball and playing a musical instrument, although Jesse plays the clarinet and Amanda the oboe. Jesse's favorite color is blue and Amanda's is red. Hooray, I found something different!

Boys were the next topic and, as you guess it, they each listed attributes that they would look for in a boyfriend and they both said the same thing---the boy had to love the outdoors, horses, be funny, nice, kind and own a truck. For occupations they both want to work outdoors and both want to work with animals in some capacity. Jessica wants to work in animal science and Amanda wants to be a horse trainer like her mother. Jessica wants to vacation some day in Austria because she watched the Sound of Music and fell in love with the scenery. Amanda wants to visit England and see the Queen's horses, our course. My guess is they will both vacation together and visit both countries. When asked if they feel each other's emotions or pain, they said "Yes, we know right away when something is wrong with the other one or if one is said and needs cheered up." They did admit that they fight every once in awhile, but they said that they couldn't stand being mad or angry with each other so they try to make up very quickly.

They both want to grow up and live close by each other because they said it would be nice to raise their children together. My prediction is that they will and that they will continue to enjoy every aspect of being a twin! By the time the interview ended, they were sitting right by one another. They didn't even realize that during the entire interview, they slowing were inching their way towards each other. The are very connected.

09 June 2013
Sharon and Karen making candles

As twins, Karen and I always seem to know the perfect time to call each other! Call it "twin intuition", but it's real and I am so glad that we are so closely connected!

Sharon Borde - Twins Life, LLC.

Today, when Karen was visiting an aquarium up in the Duluth area with a friend, I was driving down the highway on my way to buy some flowers for my farm. We hadn't spoken for a few days and I thought that we'd catch up the following day, but all of the sudden an urge came upon me to dial her number. I hesitated and thought I I should let her enjoy her day with her friend, but the urge was nagging at me and I couldn't put it out of my mind. I picked up my cell and clicked on the speed dial for her number. It rang and she anwered the phone, laughing out loud! She said, " You were supposed to call at this very minute! "Guess where i am standing, she said?" Ï am standing at the aquarium right in front of the seahorses (our twin symbol) and I was thinking of you!"

It happens all of the time, once even when she locked herself out of her house on a day when it was almost 20 degrees below zero! She stepped outside in only her robe (to this day I will never understand that) and the door shut and locked behind her. Not a porblem if you live in a neighborhood with people close by, but she lived in the country at the time, with the nearest neighbor over five miles away! I was at work that day, three hours away and I had a sudden chill rush over my body. Our receptionist at the office said "You look white and cold!" I told her that I was and that I HAD to call my twin because I felt that she was in danger! She laughed and told me that twins feel those things sometimes, but I was insistent. When she didn't answer, I called our father, who lived ten miles away and I insisted that he get in the car to go help her. He thought I was crazy but I told him that if he didn't go, I was going to call the police to go check on her. Thank God I did! She had been out in that freezing weather for over two hours and she had built a small fire out of trash to try to keep[ warm. She was nearly frozen! She said that she was "sending me messages to help her"and that she knew I would hear her from far away!

09 June 2013
I don't think that twins even notice when they "act alike"

I don't think that twins even notice when they "act alike" and when they blurp out the exact same answer when asked a simple question!

Sharon Borde - Twins Life, LLC.

I was visiting my horse this weekend, where the stable is named after the owner's twin girls--Twin Oaks Stable. When I arrived, Jessica and Amanda were both sitting on a bench in fron of the barn, each with a cat in their lap, and each petting the cute cats in exactly the same way--stroke after stroke in perfect rhythmic timing, one petting the her cat with her right hand, the other petting her cat with her left hand. When I greeted them the said, at the same time", Öh, are you here for Corey?" I laughed and said, ÿes."Then I asked them if they found a 4H rider for Corey this summer and, together, they both said "Yes, Elizabeth, she's quiet" Funny! I know that they didn't even notice that they answered again in unison. It's second nature!

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